Unitized Fueling System

The Plasteel® PetroFirst™ Unitized Fueling System

The Plasteel® PetroFirst™ Unitized Fueling System is UL Listed and Tested per UL Standard 58 and UL Standard 1746, Part II and Part III. The first PetroFirst™ Unitized Fueling System was installed in 1997.


Plasteel® PetroFirst™
Marketing Benefits Maximum environmental protection

  • Proven structural performance of steel
  • Proven corrosion protection performance of FRP
  • External piping eliminated, 80% of leaks are from piping

Minimum land / real estate

  • Entire fueling system under canopy
  • No separate underground tank and piping real estate required
  • Maximize profit of real estate used for fuels marketing
  • More options to fit fueling into existing land or parking lot
  • More options to use land for parking, traffic flow, car wash or other profit center

Minimum installation complexity

  • Dispensers mounted directly above the storage tank
  • Reduced manpower and supervision
  • Reduced on-site construction time
  • Reduced potential liabilities (safety risk)

Minimum installation time and costs

  • 15% plus savings
  • Lower long term operating costs
  • No external piping = lower insurance premiums
  • Proven safety and security performance of FRP / steel based tank
  • All containment sumps and surface covers under protection of canopy
  • Eliminates concrete canopy column footings
Plasteel® PetroFirst™
Engineering BenefitsDesign Components

  • Pre-engineered, certified and U.L. Listed
  • Pre-fabricated tank and pipe system
  • Factory installed, self-contained internal steel piping
  • Patented integral canopy column foundation connections

Proven tank technology performance

  • UL Standards 58 & 1746 Compliance
  • UL Listed Plasteel® Elutron® FRP Jacketed Double Wall Underground Tank
  • UL Listed Plasteel Composite® Double Wall and Single Wall Underground Tanks
  • 100% Interstitial monitoring capability of system

Flexible design accommodations

  • Choice of tank capacities
  • Multiple system configurations
  • Multiple compartment tanks for blending
  • Future bio-blended petroleum fuels compatibility

Integral sealed and contained product piping

  • Strength of welded steel piping
  • All welded connections
  • No onsite product piping installation
  • Ready for containment sump installation
  • Welded steel/FRP secondary containment piping trough (strength and corrosion protection)
  • Interstitial monitoring for piping system
  • Factory tested leak tight
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