Tank Calibration Charts

Plasteel provides two Excel spreadsheets, one English and one Metric, that compute the volume
of liquid in a tank given the rod depth measurement. These spreadsheets produce print-ready

lookup tables that are specific to your tank’s inside length and diameter.


Tank Calibration Chart – English units (inches, gallons)
Tank Calibration Chart – Metric units (millimeters, liters)

1. Open the downloaded spreadsheet and click the Set Up Tab at bottom.
2. Enter your Nominal Capacity into B5.
3. Enter your Inside Length into B8.
4. Enter your Inside Diameter into B9.
5. The Actual Capacity will appear in B13.
6. Click the Charts tab at bottom and the chart will be calculated.
7. Enter Inside Diameter, Inside Length and Capacity for future reference and print the chart.
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